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Citizens Econ final report cover

Here is what some of the participants thought about the project...

"Citizens view changes when they are educated. When time is taken to understand real impact of policy, perceptions change as to what can or should be done."

"I think the Citizens’ Economic Council is brilliant because it allows people to become more informed, and then express their views and concerns in a structured way so that others can hear them."

"Even though we disagreed on some things, there were plenty of other areas where we did agree. It’s unusual to have the opportunity to get beyond initial disagreement with strangers."

"I valued getting the perspectives of other citizens from demographics with whom I don’t usually interact."

"I enjoyed feeling like my voice was being heard and that my opinion was actually the same as other people’s."

"I learned that no matter how strong my personal views are, I need to balance these with the views of others which are equally valid."

"Surprisingly, all the groups had similar views that we should look after less fortunate citizens and try to help them in times of need."